The Path I'm Walking

Just a fifteen minute drive into the south hills from Eugene, the Ridgeline Trail System winds through forest and meadows. A 12-mile trail line divided into shorter sections between trailheads and roads, Ridgeline is a great path to follow for a short day hike rain or shine. The popular loops up to the top of Spencer’s Butte for 360 views of Eugene make up the most used section of this trail system, but if you are wanting a trail to your self explore the paths running away from the butte.

Yesterday afternoon my sister (8 months pregnant), my roommate Sarah and I headed for the hills to explore the Blanton Ridge section of the Ridgeline Trail. With two entry points – 52nd & Willamette and Blanton Road – this segment of the trail includes some uphill path but mainly just curves back and forth through beautiful fern lined forest. We started at 52nd & Willamette and took the path out and back. The path is 1.8 miles each way.

The start of the Trail at 52nd and Willamette

Forest cover

Turning around at Blanton


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