How NOT to Cook Nachos

I learned a hard lesson today. How to not cook nachos.

As a wonderfully quick yet amazingly delicious meal, nachos are one of my favorite treats. I have mastered – or thought so –  the basic chip with melted cheese recipe by laying out a single layer of corn tortilla chips and lightly sprinkling with cheese before popping in the oven for a few minutes. Yet tonight something went horrible wrong. After only a brief cooking in the oven, I notice a little bit of smoke coming out of the back burn and when I openned the oven the nachos where burning like a s’mores making fire pit. The not-good-with-crisis me just flipped out and yelled for my roommate. As I openned all the doors, turned off the oven and scurried the house for the fire extinguisher, she quickly and calming put out the fire.

All I imagined was they entire apartment burning down – good thing she was around.

So to help me out. What is your favorite nacho recipe? I don’t want another repeat of tonight – it ruined my appetite.

Burnt chrispy