Meet Mr. Joyful Shoehorn

I have a problem. Leave me with more than an hour or two of free time and I go stir crazy. Leave me with an hour of two of free time multiple days in a row and you get this!

Meet the Joyful Shoehorn!

Green and with an insatiable curiosity for the world around him, Mr. Shoehorn never turns down a good adventure and will explore with anyone wearing two shoes – or one shoe as long as you have a peg leg.

Dressed to impress with bow tie and sunglasses, he couldn’t be more Joyful if his grin was painted on – oh wait it is!

Mr. Shoehorn is just so Joyful about life!

And he just wanted to set the record straight. Shoehorns are way cooler than gnomes – and useful!

Joyful Shoehorn hard at work and loving it!

Just image if I had free time for a whole week – now that could just be dangerous!


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