Wetlands at Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

With over 3,000 acres of salt and freshwater grasslands, marshes and wetlands, the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge located just north of Olympia, Washington is bird-lover’s and nature photographer’s haven. Established in 1974, the reserve offers natural protection for thousands of migratory birds along the southern bays of the Puget Sound.

The refuge offers beautiful wood-plank trails through the marshes along with a long meandering boardwalk that takes you out into the middle of the bay during high tide. Pull off of Interstate 5 anytime of the year (winter can be exceptionally nice) to explore the stunning wildlife and natural habitat that lives intertwined with the blue lapping sound waters.

Plus it is worth a stop just to snap some photos in this picturesque inlet.

Wetlands at Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

Look out over the bay from the boardwalk. Anderson Island on the horizon.


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