Wild Weather Hike on the Ridgeline Trail

Last weekend even though the weather couldn’t make up its mind, my roommate Sarah and I headed out to the Ridgeline Trail System just 10 minutes south of downtown for a quick urban hike. Taking the trail for a 4-mile out & back, we started at the Spring Blvd Trail head and hiked to the Fox Hollow Trail head and back. Along the way we encountered snow, hail, rain and even a little sunshine. Here are some of my best iPhone photos from the afternoon excursion.

Ridgeline Hike Hail

Sunshine on the Ridgeline Trail near Eugene

Fern Tree on the Ridgeline Trail

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9 thoughts on “Wild Weather Hike on the Ridgeline Trail

  1. Oh, I love some good Oregon pictures! I went to the U of O! So fun to see that you stopped by my blog today – a fellow Eugenian!!! (Well, I’m not there now, but I’m planning on visiting in May!) I look forward to perusing more of your posts. I’ve got to feed my need for Oregon photos…moss…and rain…love it!

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