Stormy Christmas Drive

Spectacular storm clouds are rolling through this Christmas weekend in Oregon.



Billowing Clouds

Spent the weekend visiting friends in Ashland, Oregon and venturing to the Redwoods. Photos to come soon. For now enjoy a look up at the sky from our drive home. This cloud formation were the only insight on the horizon hoovering over Cave Junction, Oregon.

August 28, 2011 - Billowing Clouds

What Do You See In The Cloud?

I decided to whip out my paint brushes and easel yesterday for the first time in a long while. This was my first attempt to paint a cloud, so don’t laugh too hard. What do you see in the clouds?

Here is a progression of the painting:

Step 1: Sky

Blue Sky

Step 2: The Cloud

A dog, a spaceship? What do you see?

Step 3: The Ground

Some hills and a mountain

And done.

I think the cloud looks like a nose diving grey penguin. You?