Hiking along the Umpqua River

To celebrate National Trails Day and to enjoy the outdoors, I joined up with a bunch of women from my church in Eugene for a day of hiking along the Umpqua River in southern Oregon. Following a portion of the Rogue-Umpqua Scenic Byway, we stopped for three short hikes to beautiful cascading waterfalls on the north Umpqua. Each building in size and awe-power, the waterfalls filled the day with relaxing river sounds and a chance to get away and enjoy the fellowship of other women in the wild! Continue reading

A Beautiful View Even When Lost

My second attempt to see Kentucky Falls – my second fail. Short on time and sun, I had to turn around while on my search for this wondrous waterfall. Someday I will make it and it will be epic – but that doesn’t mean this trip was worthless. Look at the beautiful view I stumbled across while kinda lost. High up on the ridge line looking over the Coastal Mountain Range in Oregon, the blues of the rolling hills melted into the sky.

Coast Range Ridgeline

Bohemia Mountain Lookout

SNEAK PEAK – final shot of the day from Sarah and I’s most recent epic trip. Cascade foothills glowing blue from the top (well almost top) of Bohemia Mountain lookout. Let’s just say the trip up to the mountain and most definitely down the mountain were equally as adventuresome, just in different ways. More to come.

Bohemia Mountain Lookout